I am the Paul E. Holden Professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. As a researcher, I am interested in the subject of prosocial behavior, particularly how people can obtain help from one another and how they can develop healthy patterns of cooperation. Although much of what I study is relevant to general forms of interpersonal interaction, I am particularly interested in how people can effectively collaborate with their colleagues at work. I also have an interest in understanding the impact of racial and gender stereotypes on interpersonal dynamics in the workplace and the factors that predict whether certain people are likely to emerge as leaders. The links provided on the right will steer you toward some of my published articles and describe some of the research I am currently conducting.

At Stanford, I teach a core course in organizational behavior, and an elective course on communication. You can find more information on these classes on the Classes page. I am also a co-organizer of the PSI Network, for researchers who study power, status, and influence (click on the relevant links on the right, if you are interested in learning more). If there is something else you need, but cannot find it here, please contact me by sending an email. Thanks for visiting.